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By Roger Duncan

As we look at the moral state of the world today, we wonder " WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?". How is it that society has fallen to such an all time moral low? Even the basic concepts of right and wrong seem to have gone out the window. Why is it that personal lifestyle and sexual preference are now equated to inalienable rights. And that all philosophies ( except for Christianity of course ) are embraced superficially in an attitude of inclusion?

Many Christian teachers view the importance of this " CASTING OFF OF ALL RESTRAINTS" as the emergence of a new world order, climaxing with the appearing of a horrendous one world ruler. And that's ok, as far as it goes. However, if we keep in mind, that God's priority is to produce Sons, then we will view the importance of this " CASTING OFF OF ALL RESTRAINTS" as the emergence of a Glorious Church, climaxing with the appearing of a wonderful one world ruler, Our Lord Jesus. If the preceding statements sound odd to you, then we need to take a moment to examine our attitudes and motives as we consider world events.

In the parable of the wheat and the tares, a man sowed wheat in his field, but an enemy came along and sowed into his field tares. When the servants of the farmer discovered the tares, their first consideration was getting rid of the tares. However the farmer's first consideration was the well being of the wheat. As we look at the state of the world today, do we, as the servants did, concentrate on the tares? Or do we, as the farmer did, concentrate on the wheat? Remember that the tares are temporary, and that their fate is destruction. But the wheat is eternal, and it's fate is redemption. Also let's keep in mind that the tares are not going to overthrow the wheat, and the wheat is not going to overthrow the tares, but both will grow together until the harvest. And remember that Jesus himself, defined the tares as "THE CHILDREN OF THE WICKED ONE ", and the wheat as "THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM". So that all of these children will grow and mature and produce the fruit that is befitting of the type that it is.

With all that in mind, let's look back at the state of the world. As we approach the time of harvest, we are seeing the maturing of the crop. Both the good and the bad crop. Both are casting off characteristics that are foreign to them. The wicked are proclaiming their "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE", and will no longer allow the righteous to impose their values and morality on them. They are tired of having to behave themselves on the outside, while burning on the inside to show forth their true nature. At the same time, while not as well publicized, the righteous are burning to show forth their true nature. They can no longer be content with the containment that man and his systems imposes on them. The wicked desire more and more the pleasures of the flesh (i.e. lust, greed, idolatry, ect.). And the righteous desire more and more the pleasures of the Spirit (i.e. love, joy, peace, ect.).

If we are truly approaching the time of the harvest (as I believe we are ), then what is our response? What are we to do? I myself have listened to various teachers, many of whom I have the utmost respect for, giving their interpretations of scripture and end time philosophies. With variations of "PRE-TRIB" , "MID-TRIB", and "POST-TRIB" , and with differing views on "POSTMILLENNIALISM" , "PREMILLENNIALISM" , and "AMILLENNIALISM" (try to say that three times fast), the Church literally doesn't know if it's coming or going; and if it's going, where it's going. I understand that whatever your personal beliefs are concerning the coming of the Lord, if you have studied it out, you feel confident that the way you see it makes perfect sense, and whoever doesn't see it the same way is in error. With all the controversy and arguments there is one great truth that stands out above the rest! " HOWEVER WE PERCEIVE THE RETURN OF THE LORD TO BE, IT WILL ALL HAPPEN ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN, NOT OUR PERCEPTION OF IT! " Who is right and who is wrong? As with most concepts, in the end we will probably find that we all were partially right, and partially wrong. I have seen people that I believe to be saved, sincere, and even mature, rise up in heated debate almost to the point of coming to blows, when discussing this topic. Should we then not discuss or teach what we believe to be the truth about the return of the Lord and end times? If that were the answer then we would also have to use the same strategy with other subjects, like "WATER BAPTISM", "THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT", "ETERNAL SECURITY", and many others.

So what is our response to so many differences of doctrine or teaching? I believe the most important thing is first of all, to NOT ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE OFFENDED! Let me give you a personal example:

I was watching via Christian Television, a teacher that I have listened to and watched for years. Although this particular teacher has been a great inspiration to me, and the Lord had used this teacher to show me much, this day the teacher was teaching on the coming of the Lord, and the teacher had it all wrong, at least as far as I was concerned. Now , I could respond with, "Well, that teacher use to be good, but now I can no longer receive anything from that ministry, because they are leading people into error!" Obviously that is not the proper attitude, for a few reasons:

1. We are to be "LED BY THE SPIRIT" not by a teacher or any other man. Yes God gives us teachers, but it is the SPIRIT OF GOD that gives us revelation and understanding. If we put any man ( male or female) in the position of being the "VOICE OF GOD" for us, then we put that man in a place where he ought not be.

2. If we allow ourselves to be offended, we cut them off from us. But actually when we do that it is US not THEM that is being cut off from the body. In 1 Corinthians Paul addresses the whole issue of how to properly respond to divisions, and he also shows us that being "CUT OFF" or " WITHDRAWN FROM FELLOWSHIP" is the same thing as being "TURNED OVER TO SATAN FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FLESH". Are your feelings of superiority and righteousness indignation worth the price of being cut off?

3. God has given us "GIFTS" ( called and anointed people ) for our edification, till we all come to the maturity of the faith. Are we all mature yet? Then by rejecting God's gifts, we never will reach maturity. God in His mercy, has given such a wonderful variety of ministers to His body. If a teacher does not teach 100% the way you believe it ( and none of them do ), then receive what you can, and make a commitment to not be offended by what you can't or won't receive.

As an added note, we have seen those over the last few decades, who have considered themselves "SURGEONS OF THE CHURCH", fall into destruction. Do we really need to relearn this lesson?

When I talk about teachers, of course I am talking about those that confess Jesus as Lord, and that Jesus and His blood sacrifice as the only way to righteousness before God the Father.

So where does all this bring us in our response to this end time revealing of the wheat and the tares? The wicked and the Just? Remember that when you look at a field, and you see that it is close to maturity, it is made up of many individual parts that are all maturing at the same time. Our God is a personal God, and I believe the main focus is not for us to get all caught up in the mechanics of the maturing of the whole field ( that's the farmer's job, not the wheat's), but allowing God to guide us in our own personal maturing.

The Church is now shedding those things that have been used to confine and protect it until the time of harvest. Now let God finish forming in you His character, which is fruit of the most delightful kind. Don't be ignorant of what is going on in the world, but don't allow the revealing of the tares ( the wicked), to frighten you. Fear is not of God. Remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL and that He is faithful to complete the work that He has started. In the field, and in you.


Copyright ROGER DUNCAN 1996